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Updated: September 1, 2016


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Willapa Players

Next Production

"All I Really Need to Know I Learned by Being in a Bad Play"
by Werner Trieschmann

Directed by Liz McCollum

Production Dates:

Friday and Saturday, December 2nd & 3rd at 7:30 pm
Sunday, December 4th at 2:00 pm
Friday and Saturday, December 9th & 10th at 7:30 pm
Sunday, December 11th at 2:00 pm

Cast: 3m, 3w, 11 either gender, expandable. Based on several disasterous theatrical experiences,"Bad Play" peels back a tattered curtain to examine the process of putting on a show that is less than good. A stuffy narrator (what bad play is complete without a stuffy narrator?) guides the audience through the whole sorry process. We go from the audition - where the director is more worried about roast beef than paying attention to the warm-up exercise, and the neurotic cast pretends to be bacon - to rehearsals - where a passive-aggressive stage manager gives everyone grief. There's also a special meeting of the Small Part Support Group and a production of Romeo and Juliet set in a Starbucks with costumes of potato sacks and bowler hats.

Early Beginnings of Willapa Players by Jim Watts



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